Nanofabrica Has Been Shortlisted in the TCT Awards

Nanofabrica is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious TCT Awards in the category Hardware - Polymer Systems.

The TCT Awards set out to showcase world leading projects as well as recognizing the most influential and impactful members of the AM industry in the TCT Hall of Fame. Celebrating the innovators, technology and collaborators behind the best examples of 3D technology across the globe, the TCT Awards are open to companies offering design-to-manufacturing innovation across a range of verticals including medical, aerospace, automotive and consumer products.


Nanofabrica’s micro AM platform is characterized by the ability to make parts with extremely high precision at a speed and cost required for industrial manufacturing, achieving micron resolution over centimeter-sized parts. The technology is also a true mass manufacturing tool, able to make thousands of parts in a simple build.


For the first time, manufacturers from across industry that require micron and sub-micron level accuracy and resolution have an AM platform available, and so now these manufacturers have the ability to benefit from the advantages of AM, such as the fact that AM is agnostic to part complexity, and it is possible to design and manufacture unique geometries. As such, the Nanofabrica technology becomes an enabling technology, and a true stimulator of innovation, allowing the manufacture of parts and features previously impossible.


It is because of the fact that Nanofabrica has innovated a technology that opens up the advantages of AM to the micro manufacturing sector that the company was recognized by the TCT Awards.


“We are delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist in the TCT Awards" says Jon Donner, CEO at Nanofabrica. "Our company exists at the place where AM and micro manufacturing coincide. With the exponential increase in interest in AM as a production technology, and the industry-wide drive towards miniaturization, we are excited to have commercialized a technology that plays to such strong trends in modern day manufacturing. It is extremely gratifying to have had our technology recognized by such an influential and independent organization such as the TCT Group.”

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