Micro Moulding vs Micro AM

Nanofabrica’s micro AM technology is a viable commercial alternative to traditional manufacturing alternatives such as micro molding.

Until we launched our technology commercially in 2019, any manufacturers looking to make precision plastics parts in volume were forced to go down the micro molding route, which is always expensive, and characterized by difficulties and potential pitfalls.

Plastic does not behave the same in micro molding applications as it does in macro molding applications. All the prior learning in respect of rheology, gating, venting and shrinkage have to be relearned. Also, the tooling for micro molding is notoriously tricky, with even minute variations in accuracy requirements leading to cumulative errors that can render tools useless. This is costly in terms of time and money, and micro tooling is frequently seen as the barrier to entry for many manufacturers.

Nanofabrica’s technology (in common with all additive manufacturing platforms) negates the need for tooling, and at the same time promotes product complexity and innovation. Mass manufacture of impossible complex micro parts with reduced time to market and reduced product development costs leads to a win win situation.


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