Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

The concept of design for manufacture (DfM) is not a new one, implying that the precise means of manufacture are considered during the entire design and development stage of a product and component in order to optimize its functionality in relation to the way it will be produced and subsequently assembled and tested.

Additive manufacturing offers freedom in design allowing users to create geometries of previously unimaginable complexity, lightweight parts with lattices, and individual customized products. The key element to unlocking full potential of any AM technology is design, and design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) is rightly a hot topic at the moment.

Nanofabrica recently commercialized the world’s first micro AM platform, which for the first time allows manufacturers of micro parts with micron resolutions the ability to benefit from the inherent advantages that exist in using AM as a production technology. Not only are there DfAM considerations at play with this technology, but here are also considerations that need to be understood when designing and manufacturing micro parts and components. Nanofabrica invites all interested parties to liaise with us early to ensure we can advise you to optimize outcomes and take advantage of AM as a production technology for precision parts.


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