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Introducing The Workshop System™

Combining the highest quality components together with Nanofabrica’s patented technology, the system achieves extremely high resolution with unprecedented repeatability. The machine delivers micron precision digital innovation in every part you print.


The Industrial System™

The industrial system combines semiconductor lithography with 3D printing giving an unprecedented 1 micron resolution over an impressively large 5X5X10cm build envelop. Now, for the first time in history, digital mass manufacturing of precision parts is possible.



The ever growing need for miniaturization of casing, connectors and packaging of electronics alongside the ultra small complex elements create a critical gap which the unique technological solution of Nanofabrica bridges.



The cost and time of developing and manufacturing optical elements based on current technologies is a major limiting factor. Our technology can reduce costs by 50X and shorten manufacturing time from months to days, making it a great alternative.


Nanofabrica’s technology is perfect for molds which require high precision or fine surfaces. Our molds withstand tens to thousands of injection cycles which enables our customers to achieve high quality parts much faster and at far lower prices.



Whether you are a manufacturer or own a service center, your micron precision requirements interests us. Reach out and tell us about your project and we will make it our priority.


 Let us make your part.